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 Customer Comments

My experiences of Peter and GEM Networks have always been positive. I have dealt with Peter for a number of years, as the company I previously worked for contracts GEM to supply and maintain their extensive IT kit. Peter is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and always goes, “the extra mile”, in delivering his service. I recently started my own business and there was no contest as to who I went to for my IT requirements. As expected, Peter was great and sorted me out with everything I needed. 

Regardless of the size of the company and it’s requirements, Peter always delivers and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business looking for professional IT support. 

Sharron Jude - Director    

Karlin Timber Frame was setup in 2004, based near Stanley, County Durham.

Part of the setup required the purchase and installation of a small but expandable networked IT system for accounts, estimating, general administration etc. and after discussions with Peter Goldwater, opted to buy locally from GEM Networks.

Peter and his team went to work designing the PC' s to cope with our requirements and opted for a peer to peer network to start off with, to avoid the cost of a domain server. They also setup our e-mail system and loaded all the required software from Windows to Virus detection.

Everything was done with total professionalism and efficiency: they even tidied up after the installation! 

As our business grew, we moved premises and expanded our network to a full Domain server system and added PC's for CAD use. Once again, Peter and his team dealt with the move efficiently and without hassle, even staying one Saturday night until 9pm to ensure the system was fully operational for us opening the doors on the Monday morning.

The backup service we get from GEM is first class and any queries or problems raised are dealt with promptly and to a satisfactory conclusion.

We cannot fault GEM for the work they have done to help us set up and expand with the minimum of fuss.

Colin Lunn - Managing Director

Not being technical myself, when we do have a problem with either hardware or software at one of our stores, I am always unsure what is the best course of action.

It is so reassuring to always have Peter at the other end of the phone, to either guide me through the solution (in laymen’s terms that I can understand), or for him to have the ability to remote onto our server or even to drop by and fix it himself.

We have four sites, running numerous software systems at each, and without Peters knowledge of our systems and importantly of our staff, then theses would not run efficiently.

Kevin James - Accounts Manager